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Attorney FAQs

What types of accident cases do you handle in McAllen?

The attorney in our law practice handles several types of accident cases including accidents related to: product defects, premises defects (like cracked sidewalks or improperly maintained escalators), car and big rig accidents, and commercial vehicle accidents

I can't afford an attorney. What types of payment arrangements are available?

We work on a contingency fee basis. This arrangement is ideal for personal injury and wrongful death cases as there are no hourly or upfront costs to you whatsoever. We are paid a percentage of the damages collected, either via a settlement or judgment.

I'm confused. I have insurance but everyone keeps telling me I need an attorney. Why shouldn't I just accept the insurance settlement?

Accepting the settlement may be the right move, or it might not be. For minor fender benders covered by auto insurance, getting an attorney probably isn't necessary. For accidents that have caused serious injuries or fatalities, getting an attorney is smart. There may be more contributing factors, and more defendants to pursue, than you might realize.

What do you mean by more defendants to pursue?

In a typical two car accident, you have yourself and the other driver. If you believe the other driver is at fault, that person, or his or her insurance company, would be the main defendant in a lawsuit, right? But what if there's more to the story like defective tires that caused the driver to lose control, defective brakes that failed to stop the car, or a defective air bag that failed to deploy? What if the traffic signals were broken or malfunctioning? What if road conditions contributed to the accident?

These other factors could have contributed, causing bodily injuries or worse. Thus, your attorney would likely seek damages from these other defendants. If you were to deal strictly with insurance companies, it's unlikely that your insurance company would pursue legal action against these other defendants on your behalf.

Is it necessary to file a lawsuit? I don't have the energy for something like this.

Every case is different. Some are quickly resolved out of court. Others absolutely require filing a lawsuit. While your presence may be required should your case go to court, much of the groundwork will be handled by your attorney.

Can I sue for damages on behalf of my loved one who died?

Generally speaking, the representative of the estate of the person (on behalf of survivors) or a spouse are the ones who typically initiate wrongful death cases. Parents of minor children killed may also do so and so can minor children if their parents were wrongfully killed. It gets murkier with life partners, adult children, and more distant relatives. If you were financially dependent on the deceased victim, you may have a claim so it's worth speaking to an attorney to find out.